Banco Galicia

• Since 1960 to the present: different kind of installations, funiture and decorations in the main building and in branches all over the country.
In the present, installation of the New Image furniture and metallic carpentry for ATM. Cashier’s desks, screens, closets, desks, greeters in lacquered wood or in plastic laminate, according to the importance of each branch office.


Presidency of the Nation

• Ceremony flag’s niche of the presidential office, covered with gold sheets. Desks and bookcases in style.


BBVA Banco Francés

• Furniture and decorations in the main building and branches all over the country.
Nowadays, installation of branches with the new image of the bank.


Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

• Since 1961 to the present: furniture and decorations in the main building and branches of the Buenos Aires province.

Banco Nacional de Desarrollo

• Furniture and decorations in the main building and branches of different provinces.


Senate of the Nation

• Provision and installation of bookcases in different styles.


Channel 7

• Noise reduction screens in different rooms.


University of Buenos Aires

• Wooden and glazed screens.


Banco Sidesa S.A.

• Decoration of the ten floors building. Special covering and different pieces of furniture.


Petersen Thiele y Cruz S.A. Y Sitra S.A.

• Main hall covering of the Fernández Hospital.

Sitra S.A.

• Furniture of different models in to the Pedriatric National Hospital.

Seminara Empresa Constructora S.A.

• Desks for the Internacional Airport of Ezeiza.

Igarreta S.A.

• Train’s seats.

Minefild Agua del Dionisio

• Wood devices to roll up iron ropes used in the gold extraction.

Siemens S.A.

• Railway barriers.

We have also provided with furniture others companies, such as:

• American Express S.A.
• Banelco S.A.
• Buro S.A.I.C.
• Hermes CIA. Argentina de Seguros S.A.
• S.A.M.S. Bagley y CIA. LTDA.
• Tecno Sudamericana S.A.

• Images of our recent works more...



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